Before using PortaSauna, it’s recommended to consult with your local fire department about the regulations for portable outdoor fireplaces. In most regions, using PortaSauna is permitted in the backyard of single-family homes. However, always ensure that it’s used exclusively outdoors and placed at a minimum distance of 2 feet (60cm) away from any buildings, branches, trees and fences. We recommend a vigilant safety aspect when using the PortaSauna and recommend keeping a bucket of water or fire extinguisher close by.

Certainly! Our PortaSauna tents in the UK are designed with a tripple-layer fabric structure, incorporating an insulating layer that effectively retains heat, making them ideal even in cooler conditions. When set up correctly, the PortaSauna can maintain temperatures exceeding 80°C, even when the outside temperature is as low as -12°C, ensuring a warm and comforting sauna experience regardless of the weather.

PortaSauna is equipped with a unique skirt around its base, both inside and outside, to enhance stability. For additional security, especially in windy conditions, we advise anchoring this skirt with substantial weights like bricks, cinder blocks, or sandbags. The sauna also includes ground stakes and ropes, providing extra reinforcement to keep it securely anchored in various weather conditions.

PortaSauna UK tents are constructed using Oxford 210D cotton, which is rated to withstand temperatures up to approximately 150°C, ensuring they remain safe and chemical-free even at the sauna’s peak temperature of about 93°C. The windows are crafted from high-performance TPU, suitable for high temperatures. Our saunas undergo rigorous testing with high-quality, calibrated equipment to ensure safety. Test results demonstrate that at 93°C, the air inside PortaSauna remains free of carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds. Additionally, the interior layer is made from CPAI84 flame-retardant material, adding an extra layer of safety.

Yes, it’s feasible to leave PortaSauna set up permanently. It’s constructed from robust, weather-resistant fabric and includes a waterproof roof cover. However, for longevity and to ensure its condition, we do recommend dismantling and storing it indoors during periods of extreme weather or periods without being used.

PortaSauna does not emit any unpleasant odours and requires minimal cleaning. Moisture inside the tent drains down the sides and is absorbed by the ground, while the high heat inside ensures any remaining moisture evaporates. To maintain the sauna, it’s advisable to empty the ash tray and clear any excess soot from the chimney every 3-4 uses.

Our current model the PortaSauna V1. Other models sizes and dimensions will vary.
Dimensions are approximately 1.8m length, 1.8m width, and 2.1m height. Additionally, the tent skirt around its exterior extends the overall footprint by roughly 15cm on each side.

To ensure optimal performance of your PortaSauna in the UK, it’s crucial to maintain proper ventilation and fire management. Keep the rectangular air intake vent at the bottom of the tent open, allowing fresh air to flow towards the stove. The air control vent on the ash tray should also be fully open. Start the fire with fire starter squares and 1-2 pieces of dry hardwood (optimally 30-40 cm long). After lighting, keep the stove door closed for about 15 minutes before adding more wood. Repeat this process to achieve the desired heat (around 82°C to 93°C). If necessary, adjust the ash tray position or add more wood to increase the temperature.

It’s normal for the metal stove and chimney pipe of your PortaSauna to become red hot during use. This is a typical and safe occurrence, indicating that the stove is functioning correctly. However, if the red glow is a concern, you can reduce the airflow to the stove to slow the burn rate of the firewood. This adjustment can help manage the intensity of the heat.

Regular camping tents have chemicals on them for protection from sun and fire. These chemicals can be harmful if the tent gets very hot, like in a sauna, and can hurt your lungs. These tents also have materials and zippers that might not work well in high heat. Our tents are made especially for saunas. They can handle very high temperatures and don’t have harmful chemicals. This means they are safe to breathe in. Our tents have doors that swing open, making it easy to get in and out, so you won’t get stuck in a hot sauna tent. We make each tent by hand with strong materials, so they last long and work well in tough conditions.

I love traditional saunas and traditional Russian Banya, but tent saunas are a great, cheaper alternative. They don’t need building permits, which is great for those who can’t build permanent saunas. They’re portable and can be set up anywhere – I even have one in my backyard. They get as hot as regular saunas, reaching 90°C, perfect for a deep cleanse and relaxation. Unlike infrared saunas, which heat your body but not the air, our tent saunas let you enjoy the full experience, including throwing water on rocks for steam. You can also add eucalyptus oil for a refreshing effect, something you can’t do with infrared saunas. Plus, tent saunas are much more portable than fixed infrared ones giving you, your friends and family another activity to enjoy away from home.

delivery date for the original buyer against manufacturing defects. This doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, unauthorised changes, misuse, or if used for unintended purposes. If a defect is found within the warranty period, we’ll repair or replace parts free of charge. After the warranty, any repairs or replacements are chargeable. Our hand-made saunas and stoves may have minor inclusions, which are normal and don’t affect performance. These aren’t grounds for exchange. Please note, all sales are final, and we don’t offer exchanges or refunds beyond the warranty. We’re confident in our products’ quality – check out our videos and testimonials. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us for further advice.

In the context of tent saunas, the resulting temperature can vary based on factors like the external temperature, the combination of stove, tent, sauna stones, etc., and the frequency of water pouring over the stones. Additionally, temperature preferences differ from individual to individual. PortaSauna tent can achieve high temperatures under certain conditions, but it’s important to note that in saunas, the perceived comfort level based on the balance of temperature and humidity is more critical than just the temperature reading.

  • For firewood, it’s advisable to use dense, completely dry hardwood.
  • Firmly anchor the tent with pegs to minimise cold air inflow from the base.
  • Open the intake vent at the back of the stove inside the tent to reduce cold air inflow and enhance stove combustion efficiency.
  • Minimise the gap around the tent’s chimney opening using a fireproof sheet or similar means.
  • Slightly opening the stove’s ash tray drawer (about 0.5 to 1 cm) can improve combustion efficiency. However, opening it too much can have the opposite effect.
  • Allow the sauna stones to heat thoroughly for about 30 minutes to an hour until they are hot to the core before entering the sauna.
  • Frequent water pouring over the sauna stones can lower their temperature and consequently the room temperature. It’s recommended to do this approximately every 10 minutes.

For the initial use of the sauna, conduct a pre-combustion or ‘dry firing’ process for about an hour without the sauna stones, until there is no detectable odor or smoke. This is necessary because the paint on the stove may not be fully cured, leading to the emission of smells and smoke from the stove’s surface. If smoke is observed due to any holes or similar issues, cease using the sauna and send it for maintenance.

The degree of wear and tear on our wood stove depends on factors like usage frequency, the quantity of sauna stones (up to a recommended 15 kg), and the frequency of water pouring. In high heat and temperature conditions, where water is sprinkled over the sauna stones, our stoves are rigorously used. Given this intense usage, we cannot entirely rule out the possibility of some distortion.

As a result, some degree of distortion may occur in our stoves over time, but this does not hinder their functionality. Should you require repairs, we offer maintenance services at our UK-based manufacturing facility (charges apply for the repair service).

Saunas are hot so you will get sweaty, best to wear either loose fitting clothes or beachwear sandals, swimsuits, and sauna hats are recommended. Sauna hats are worn so your hair doesn’t dry out in the heat.

PortaSaunas can be used anywhere there is a flat space where the tent can be spread out. We recommend at least 4 ft (120cm) from any fence, building or vegetation. Also check above for hanging branches.
If you wish to use it in a campsite or commercial setting it is recommended that you ask for permission before you set up. Smoke will be generated, so please be mindful of others when using the PortaSauna

We recommend a length of roughly 30cm.
It depends on the type of firewood and how dry it is, but one 5kg bundle will last an hour.

  • Ensure tent ventilation holes are open.
  • Keep the stove door closed, except when adding wood.
  • Check for blockages in the chimney and stove insertion part before use.
  • Avoid use in strong winds to prevent wind backflow into the tent.
  • Do not use in strong winds
  • Do not sleep in the tent with the stove lit.
  • Use a carbon monoxide checker recommended.

Wood-burning stoves reach high temperatures, so be sure to use heat-resistant gloves when adding firewood.
When adding water to sauna, be careful not to come into contact with high-temperature steam.
Be careful not to touch the stove when entering or exiting the sauna tent.

he PortaSauna, constructed with a triple layer of fabrics, isn’t completely waterproof, so it’s advised to avoid using it in rainy weather. However, we do provide a waterproof cover for the roof, which we recommend using. Additionally, it’s not recommended to use the PortaSauna in extreme weather conditions. Please refrain from using it if there’s a chance of the chimney being blocked by snowfall or if there’s a risk of tent collapse due to the weight of the snow or high winds.

After using the tent, thoroughly dry it to ensure no moisture remains, clean off any dirt with a cloth, then fold and store it.
Store in a dry room to avoid mould formation.
For damaged zippers or torn fabric, we can refer you to a repair service.
Ensure the stove is completely extinguished, remove ash from inside the stove and soot from the chimney, and check for moisture on the stove, as moisture leads to rust.
Store the stove in a dry room.

Since zippers are frequently used, apply silicone spray to them to prevent damage.
The zipper handle gets hot, so attach a string or tape to it.
Always follow instructions to increase longevity of the PortaSauna products.

Children are welcome to use it, but extra caution is advised since they are more sensitive to heat than adults. It’s important not to allow children to use it unaccompanied. Additionally, when used near water, please supervise to prevent any risk of accidental drowning.