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Hey there, fellow wellness enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers! I'm Jordan Boon, the proud solopreneur behind PortaSauna, coming at you from the lovely seaside city of Portsmouth, UK. We're on a mission to stir up the sauna scene with something truly special – the UK's first-ever portable sauna tent!
Picture this: a blissful sauna experience, anytime, anywhere, from your back garden to the heart of the British countryside. Fancy a wet or dry sauna with a view? We've got you covered!

Our vision at PortaSauna is simple yet ambitious: to revolutionise the way you relax and rejuvenate. We believe that everyone deserves a slice of sauna goodness, whether you're a busy bee in the city or a rugged explorer in the wilds.

Our sauna tent is not just a product; it's a lifestyle of wellness, freedom, and a jolly good time with friends and loved ones, all rolled into one.

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Jordan Boon – Founder, PortaSauna



The PortaSauna ultra portable design compacts into 2 main packages.

  • PortaSauna Tent ~ 13kg
  • PortaSauna Stove ~ 23kg

The pop-up tent offers swift and effortless assembly in under two minutes, allowing users to establish their personal sauna with remarkable speed. This innovative system is not only quick to erect but also efficient in operation, reaching a temperature of up to 90°C in less than 25 minutes. Its rapid heating capability ensures that users can indulge in the warmth and relaxation of a sauna experience without the prolonged wait, making it an ideal choice for those seeking convenience without compromising on the quality of their leisure time. The PortaSauna system exemplifies modern engineering and design, providing a seamless and speedy transition from compact portability to luxurious comfort.


PortaSauna isn’t one of those electric or infrared gimmicky saunas you find cluttering up gyms. No, it’s a powerhouse of traditional wood-fired sauna warmth, thanks to our specially crafted stainless steel stove, 0.8mm thick, that belts out the most blistering heat achievable (up to 90°C) in a mere 30 minutes.


The PortaSauna Sauna Tent, engineered with double-layered, weather-resistant Oxford 210D fabric and a lightweight cotton insulation, delivers unmatched warmth.

Designed to be weatherproof — it showcases resilience through every test. Its heavy-duty zips, expertly crafted air vents, and reinforced corners, combined with a sturdy carbon fibre frame, ensure durability and optimal airflow for a superior sauna experience. Ground-seal wind skirting keeps the elements at bay, making this tent a compact marvel of design and functionality, ready for the finest sauna experience anywhere you venture.


We have all heard of the health benefits of sauna and why it is good for you, but when you combine the health benefits of the sauna plus the wilderness therapy of adventure all benefits both mentally and physically are compounded. Here are just a few of the benefits of Sauna.

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health: The combination of sauna heat and outdoor activity strengthens the heart and improves circulation.
  • Stress Relief: Engaging in sauna sessions amidst nature significantly reduces stress and promotes mental tranquility.
  • Enhanced Immune Function: Regular sauna use and outdoor exposure boost the body’s immune response.
  • Detoxification: Sweating in a sauna, especially outdoors, aids in expelling toxins, enhancing overall health.
  • Mental Health Boost: The serene environment of an outdoor sauna provides a mental health uplift through nature’s therapeutic effects.
  • Increased Physical Endurance: Combining sauna sessions with wilderness activities improves physical stamina and resilience.
  • Deepened Connection with Nature: Sauna use in natural settings fosters a profound bond with the environment, enhancing psychological wellbeing.


For every PortaSauna sold, we have committed to planting 20 trees, acknowledging the importance of replenishing the woodlands used for our firewood-fueled products. Helping support ecosystem restoration, local communities, and carbon dioxide absorption to combat climate change.


Our commitment levels and schedule are straightforward. PortaSauna is a completely developed product; we’ve received the initial prototype, and the quality is exceptional. We’ve already ordered 20 units, so you can support us with confidence, aware that the product is set for your garden or your next escapade. The sooner you discover and back our campaign, the quicker you’ll receive your PortaSauna System!

Each standard PortaSauna package includes:

  • The PortaSauna | The Portable Sauna Tent with carry case
  • The PortaSauna Stainless Steel Stove w/ chimney & carry case 
  • 20KG Vulcanite Sauna Rocks (complete with holder) for authentic steam
  • PortaSauna Fir Sauna Bench
  • A Thermometer to monitor your sauna’s temperature
  • 4 x Sauna Hats
  • PortaSauna Leather Heat Resistant Gloves
  • PortaSauna Rock Carry Case
  • PortaSauna Wood Carry Case
  • PortaSauna TShirts & Hoodies
  • Collapseable Bowl & Water Ladel
  • PortaSauna goodies

 By ordering your PortaSauna System today, not only do you support us in our formative days but also become a valued member of the PortaSauna community. Join us and be part of our journey from the very beginning.


Certifications: Safety and Quality Assurance Standards

CPA184 Fire Retardant  – The CPA184 fire-retardant inner lining of the PortaSauna Tent sets a high safety benchmark by meeting rigorous fire-resistance standards. This certification ensures the tent’s material is treated to significantly reduce ignition and flame spread risks, offering crucial protection near heat sources like wood-fired stoves. By adhering to the CPA184 standard, the PortaSauna demonstrates a strong commitment to user safety and quality, ensuring a safer and more reliable sauna experience with added peace of mind for its users.

Fire-Safe Features – The PortaSauna stove is equipped with an integrated spark arrestor, a fire-resistant roof, and a steel-plated chimney vent to shield your tent from any harm.

No EMF Risks – Unlike infrared saunas, which may subject you to harmful EMFs, our traditional wood-fired PortaSauna offers a completely natural experience with no EMF exposure risk.

Safe, Non-Toxic Fabrics – Constructed from Oxford 210D materials that are secure for use and free from chemical release upon heating.

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