Portable Sauna to exaggerate your adventure. Truly portable and only confined by your imagination..


Out of the car the PortaSauna can be setup in under 3 minutes. Ready, Set, Sauna!


Triple layered Sauna tent with an outer 210D oxford cotton, middle 120gsm needled cotton and inner fire retardant CPA184 lining.


Our powerful stainless steel stoves can heat to 90Β°C in under 20 mins, Ideal for getting your sweat on.




Sauna use has been proven to offer a variety of beneficial impacts on
cardiovascular health, such as lowering blood pressure and enhancing heart function.
Moreover, exposure to heat can aid in stress reduction and enhance overall feelings of well-being.

Physical Health

Increase blood circulation
Alleviate chronic pain
Stimulate metabolism

Mental Health

Alleviate stress
Improve mood
Enhance sleep quality


Decrease inflammation
Lessen muscle soreness
Enhance performance

Portable Sauna Experiences

Most experience products by our customers.Β 


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Always wanted a sauna at home but didn’t want to spend thousands of pounds for a permanent structure? 

Transform your garden with the PortaSauna! 🌿🏑

- Sets up in minutes
- Temperatures of 95Β°C and moreπŸ”₯
- No planning permission required πŸ“
- Cheaper alternative to a permanent sauna without compromising on quality or temperature πŸ’°
- Move it around to suit your needs in your garden 🚚
- Take it with you on the go ✈️

We have the PortaSauna Pro Package in stock! Order yours today and start your wellness journey.

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πŸ”₯ Feel the Heat with PortaSauna! πŸ”₯

We aren’t joking when we say you can hit temperatures of above 90Β°C in just 20 minutes! 

Ready to sweat it out? πŸ˜…

Drop us a message to find out more. πŸ“©

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🌿 The Ultimate Garden Setup! 🌿 Transform your backyard into a spa oasis with the PortaSauna. 

βœ… Sets up in just 5 minutes
πŸ”₯ Heats up in 20 minutes
🌑️ Reaches temperatures up to 100°C
πŸ“„ No need for planning permission
⏳ Can stay up for long periods
✨ Smart and sleek design
πŸ’Έ More affordable than a permanent sauna
πŸ“¦ Space-saving, put up and down as you wish!

Our PortaSauna Pro Package is in stock and ready to ship! Order yours today and elevate your garden experience! 🌟

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WOW! What a day at our first collaboration event with one of our PortaSaunaX groups: @sole.sisters_southsea .πŸŒ…πŸ˜Š

Thank you to everyone who came along, it was amazing to see so many people enjoying the PortaSauna and seeing it sat in the centre of such a great group.πŸ’™

A massive shout out to @emilydunstt for her Yoga session and to @london.nootropics who supplied us with the most incredible adaptogenic Coffee for the event it was loved by all. β˜•οΈ

The weather couldn’t have been better and we are so excited for our next event… @beachbabesweymouth  we are looking forward to organising! πŸ”₯

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Meet Jordan & Harry, the faces behind PortaSauna! πŸ‘‹ 

We have had a lot of new followers to our pages recently, so just wanted to pop on here and say hello to you all and thank you for your support over the last few months. Our little business is growing and we could not be happier πŸ™

We are working hard behind the scenes with new ideas for products, content and much more. Please drop us a message if there is anything else you want to see more of on here!πŸ“©

Super excited by our new PortaSaunaX initiative and are really excited to be joining @sole.sisters_southsea for their wellness morning tomorrowπŸ’™

We love what we do and are incredibly passionate about PortaSauna. A massive thank you to our amazing customers, ambassadors, and followers- you are all amazing. This is just the beginning! 🌊πŸ”₯ 

Big Love from us bothπŸ’™πŸ’™

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From bag to bliss in under 3 minutes! 🏞️✨ 

Setting up the PortaSauna is THAT easy. 

Sauna anywhere, anytime, in just minutes!πŸš€ 

Whether at home or on the go, relaxation is always within reach. Order yours today.

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🌟 Introducing PortaSauna X! 🌟

Calling all clubs and wellness groups! Whether you’re a sea swimming club, mental health advocates, or outdoor fitness enthusiasts, our community is here to elevate your wellness journey .

To make this even more special, we’re offering the PortaSauna X rangeβ€”a collection that lets you customize high-quality apparel with your group’s logo. For just Β£20 inc delivery, you’ll get:

πŸ‘• 1 Printed Sweater
πŸ‘• 2 Cotton T-Shirts with dual logos

Aswell as a discount on the PortaSauna unit!πŸ’™

Join us and bring your wellness activities to the next level! 

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PortaSauna x Ecologie

For every PortaSauna sold, we have committed to planting 20 trees, acknowledging the importance of
replenishing the woodlands used for our firewood-fueled products. Helping support ecosystem restoration, local communities, and carbon dioxide absorption to combat climate change.



PortaSauna; Portable Sauna Tent is a portable and compact alternative to traditional cabin saunas. They are lightweight and can be easily set up in various locations, including your backyard, beach, forest lake or a camping site. Our tent saunas are wood-fired, providing an authentic sauna experience in a versatile, transportable form.

Setting up a PortaSauna tent sauna is straightforward and can typically be done in a short amount of time. With practice, the tent is a pop up style so takes around 3 minutes and the wood fired stove will be ready to Sauna in about 20-30 minutes, allowing you to quickly enjoy your sauna experience.

The interior temperature of our tent saunas can vary based on factors like the outside temperature and how the stove is managed. Generally, temperatures can reach between 70Β°C to 90Β°C, providing a thoroughly traditional Finnish sauna experience.

Yes, PortaSauna’s tent saunas are designed for portability. They can be easily packed up and transported, making them ideal for various outdoor settings or for those who want the flexibility of a sauna at home or whilst out and about without permanent installation. In terms of weight the stove weighs around 20kg and the tent weighing around 13kg.

Using a PortaSauna, can offer several health benefits. These include improved circulation, relaxation, stress reduction, and muscle recovery. Regular sauna use is also associated with improved cardiovascular health and can aid in detoxification through sweating. However, it’s important to use saunas responsibly and in line with your personal health conditions.