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James Mccrindle

Absolutely chuffed with Jordan's…

Absolutely chuffed with Jordan's PortaSauna used it down to Southsea Beach last weekend. Jordan, mate, you've smashed it with this! Far exceeded my expectations – top-notch quality and it made the day out even better. Couldn't recommend it enough, truly a great product. Solid 5 stars from me!

Jason West


Last weekend on Southsea Beach, I had the pleasure of experiencing my friend Jordan's new venture,

I had a great time, totally new experience. I read up about saunas and the health benefits are impressive, ticks all the boxes! I can see why it is inbeded in the Scandinavian culture, just around Great experience

I was expecting to see a decent product, but I was absolutely blown away by the quality and the incredible heat we managed to get inside. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and it's evident a lot of thought and care has been put into every detail. Jordan, you should be incredibly proud of what you've created with your business. I can see these selling like hot cakes!

Natasha Wood

Great clothing

Great clothing, excellent service. Thank you very much. I would shop again!

Amy Walton

PortaSauna came to visit us at Southsea Beach ready for our ‘after sea swim’ sauna.We all had a fantastic time. Great service and a friendly team setting up.The sauna was comfortable, perfect temperature and you can even open up the flaps on the side for a beach view!Will definitely be booking again soon.

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Chris Konrath

Game changer!!

The PortaSauna could be a game changer.

As a wellness practitioner, the ease with which this can be set up and taken down has broadened the scope of my own therapeutic practice significantly - contrast therapy on the go!!

The product is of exceptionally high quality - the materials of the tent very strong, the stove is superb. I’ve had mine up to 80C in less than half an hour.

It takes about 10 minutes to be fully set up and ready for the wood to be lit, and breaking it all down once it’s cooled is about the same.

I genuinely can’t praise and recommend the PortaSauna enough, but not only the product, also Jordan and Harry who have been an absolute pleasure to deal with - honest, humble guys, always accessible and quick to support, with a stellar product… what more could you ask for!!


charlie croymans

Great space and great people

One of the standout features is the heat-up time. It reaches the desired temperature quickly, and the heat distribution is consistent, providing a soothing and invigorating sauna experience. I love the adjustable timer and temperature settings, allowing me to customize each session to my preference.

The materials used feel premium, and the build quality is impressive. It’s sturdy and safe, with no signs of overheating or any other safety concerns. The sauna is also surprisingly spacious inside, making it comfortable even for someone that is on the taller side

laura starbrook

Weymouth beach babes

Thanks for coming down for beach babes Weymouth we had an amazing time! Love the benefits from a sauna and sea swim so enjoyed it. So helpful and was really engaging with the group. Thanks to Harry and Sam and coming all the way down to Weymouth!

Laura DP


Such a great idea, made idiot proof by fabulous design. Such an enjoyable experience and a great way to get more people into the benefits of Sauna!

Chris Billing

Incredible product!

Incredible product. I have experienced the new PortaSauna Hex and it is mind blowing. Up to 95degrees in 15 minutes, easy to set up and put down and a fraction of the price of a permanent structure. The lay-z spa of the sauna world!


Amazing Sauna Highly recommend

Soo good to meet Harry and Sam yesterday , so impressed with the Sauna , it was hotter than the electric one we have at home . Fabulous experience getting out of the hot Sauna straight into the sea .Would highly recommend .

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