Our Story

The idea for PortaSauna sparked from Jordan’s unforgettable visit to a Russian banya. Captivated by the deep relaxation and revitalization it provided, Jordan was inspired to bring this remarkable experience to the UK. Following extensive research and numerous trials, PortaSauna was born, driven by Jordan’s passion and dedication.

Meet the Team

Jordan, the visionary behind PortaSauna, brings a profound love for saunas and a commitment to delivering quality and authenticity. His passion for recreating the traditional sauna experience in a portable format is the foundation of PortaSauna.

Harry joined the PortaSauna team by chance through a conversation over t-shirts. With a strong background in marketing and sales, Harry’s expertise perfectly complements Jordan’s vision. Together, they are dedicated to offering you the best products and experiences, ensuring that every PortaSauna session is both memorable and enriching.

At PortaSauna, we are committed to providing the ultimate sauna experience, wherever your adventures may lead you.