Sauna Stones - Grade A Finnish Olivine Diabase - 10 - 15cm

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Stones, renowned for their enduring quality and the gentle, soothing steam they produce when water is sprinkled over them. Crafted from the finest Finnish olivine diabase, these stones are versatile enough to be used in any sauna heater. We offer them in large (10-15 cm) which is recommended for wood fired stoves. For optimal performance, it is recommended to layer the larger stones at the bottom and the smaller ones on top if your heater necessitates a mix of both sizes. Each package contains approximately 20 kg of these superior sauna stones.

Introducing our premium Grade A Finnish Olivine Diabase

Designed to be used with wood-burning stoves, these stones should be arranged to fill the heater to the brim, but not overflowing. Careful placement is key, ensuring ample space between each stone. This strategic arrangement facilitates an ideal heatflow, allowing water to flow effortlessly over the stones while maintaining adequate airflow. Regular use leads to natural wear and tear, as even the finest diabase will eventually fracture. To preserve the quality of your sauna experience, we suggest replacing the stones every 1 to 2 years, depending on usage. This ensures that the spaces between the stones remain sufficiently large for effective water and air circulation, and that the stones retain their heat capacity. A simple gauge for replacement is to compare the stone size to a clenched fist; if they are smaller, it's time for a new set. Enjoy the authentic sauna experience with PortaSauna Stones.